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Environment, Intention and Our Ever-changing Story.

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

For many years I designed spaces to consolidate identities and behaviour. For branding and commercial interior design projects, it was very much the same. As I evolved and matured, I started to regard my profession with doubts. I felt something was missing and mostly noticed the amount of waste that this business generates. In terms of sustainability, I have done my due research and now I know how to reduce impact and be more responsible with our natural environment.

But what about people? What do my clients actually need? How can I serve them best?

For some time I didn't know the answers to this. It took me a great deal of research to connect new ideas and find new value propositions. We are in times of re-invention. Most things will be obsolete unless we evolve and adapt to the needs of our fast-paced world. In my case, I'm trying to counterbalance the pace and uncertainties of this century.

Through interior design, we can widen our opportunities to improve in many ways.

Peter Sage addresses the intricate relationship between ourselves and the environment in an excellent Ted TALK called "How To Eliminate Self Doubt Forever & The Power of Your Unconscious Mind". He shares a lot of insight about our behaviours and belief system, it's definitely worth taking the time to listen to it.

From the Interior Design perspective, the places we inhabit shouldn't anchor us to our identities. We need environments that support us so that we can leave behind things that don't serve us. Our life story is about out-growing identities, and thus, we need spaces to show dynamic narratives of change. We can design for the person or the business that we aspire to be/have.

Here are some key comments in Sage's talk:

"Stop putting the wrong things in (your brain/body)." - 11:28

Let's talk about physical clutter and data clutter. We have both at home!

"Start putting the right things in." - 14:31

What's your Story? Who are you going to be? Start here ;) Design space for your best story is the first experience in my design proposal.

Find it here

"Get the things that shouldn't be in there, out." - 15:17

We struggle to identify our problems. There are fantastic tools to find the nuances and tipping points of situations that drag us. Reach out and let me help you explore the hidden WHYS of your WHATS through design thinking methodologies.

Some of his ideas

"People never rise above the opinion of themselves."
Your house will talk to you in meaningful ways


"No one can love us more than we love ourselves."
Our house is an extension of self-love.
A home should speak to you about your achievements and success in an inspiring way.

"Environment trumps intention."
In your home, you control the environment. You just need to know:
Who do you want to be? Design for what you need, not what you want!

"Love your family, choose your friends."
Design the best rituals to connect. Create scenarios to nurture relationships.

"If you're not acting as the star of the movie of your life, you'll most likely be an extra in someone else's."
Design your home for your story, not just for a fantastic photo.

"Be the change you want to see."
Let your home help you manifest amazing change and make your best contribution!

I hope you enjoyed this short reference.

If you want to learn more about my work I'll be hosting a webinar about Holistic Interior Design and the first, of my three design experiences, designed for wellbeing and purpose.

Reach put here

Adriana Gomez Navarro


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