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Start With Your Best Story

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

With Interior Design, it's possible to work on layers that help you plan for your best story.

As we grow and experience the physical world, we build narratives in our mind of who we are. Then, when we grow and become independent, we design our homes to live according to our value system; we shape our space.

Yet we are constantly evolving and pursuing dreams. We change through time and liberate ourselves from narratives that don't longer serve us. Sometimes it's hard and painful to let go of things. Changing is very hard.

Nonetheless, we will always want to evolve, and the trend now is that we can design our own story of success; this is a great starting point to create a home. We can shape space for our best selves and let space shapes us back.

Through daily micro-decisions, we craft narratives while anchoring our habits and routines in the physical world. With Interior Design, we can work on different layers that help us plan for our best story. Remove bad habits and create cues for routines that help us walk the talk of what is best for us.

Have a great day!


*I just found this in the book I'm currently reading and it resonates with this post, so I will just include it at the last minute.

"Every now and then, actual reality will push back at us. Something in our environment will change in such a way that our flawed models' arent predicting and are, therefore, specifically unable to cope with. We try to contain the chaos but because this change strikes directly against our model's particular flaws, we fail. Then we become conflicted. Are we right? Or is there actually a chance we're wrong? If this deep, identity-forming belief turns out to be wrong, then who the hell are we? The dramatic question has been triggered. The Story has begun.
Finding out who we are, and who we need to become, means accepting the challenge the story offers us. Are we brave enough to change?
This is the question a plot, and life asks of each of us."

From "The Sicence of Storytelling" by Will Storr


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