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Is it possible to design a well-being map that leads to a fulfilling life'?

Adriana Gomez Navarro

Holistic Design & Wellbeing

Modern technological advances and the rapid pace of social change have created a reality that does not conform to our biological and psychological makeup. 

Learn and adapt, they say.

Learn what? Adapt how?
That's what a tailor-made map for well-being must be about.  

Our 'Home Within' stands as our haven. I delve into the reservoir of resources, capabilities, and experiences that unfold within us. We are resourced for magic; the challenge lies in learning to observe and maximise our internal reality. I  share the knowledge and insights gleaned from my explorations of my 'Home Within.' The reason behind sharing this is profound—my design experiments not only succeeded in revealing the intricacies of my internal reality but also led to unexpected expansions within myself that surpassed my expectations.

Adriana Gomez Navarro

As a designer, I focus on interior design, yet I no longer intervene in space.  The once meaningful pursuit of creating tranquil and soothing homes serves  like a paliative measure. In a world where walls no longer shield us from so much stimulus, homes are no longer the focus of my attention. We need to revise how we experience ourselves in the physical world. 


My work revolves around crafting the psychological space needed to navigate the turbulence of contemporary life—a space I refer to as our 'Home Within.’" Throughout my life, which involved residing in five different countries and relocating every three years, I came to understand that the true essence of home resides within ourselves.


I currently live with my husband and two children in Switzerland.

In addition to my research on well-being, I also love to design unique pieces.

Silver Watermelon Slices

Re-designing heirlooms: Helping Memories transcend through colour, shapes and materials.

Some heirlooms are NOT to be touched —transcending for what they are. But there are pieces we don't like, yet, we regard them dearly because of what they mean to us. Don't miss the chance to build upon beautiful emotions. 

Armadillo Chair 

The Armadillo chair was a collaborative process between Yecid Robayo —Homo Faber certified Master Artisan—, and me. 


I enjoyed designing a chair impossible to build and he enjoyed proving to me that he could actually do it.  We challenged ourselves, working with mind, heart, body, and soul.

Nantív bags 

Vint Bucket

Handbags Made in Italy. Relying on top Italian craftsmanship to produce beautiful leather bags. 


The experience of every moment can be improved through great design; we're inspired by the natural and elegant gestures of women.

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