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Home Within 2023

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Why is it tiresome to reflect on our well-being? Because our autopilot works perfectly and we are busy. Life is happening, and we don't have time to overthink; if we did have time, we'd look to decompress with entertainment. But it's January 2023, and the year is just beginning; there may still be a window to consider the following:

How's your Inner Home? Here are some thoughts on our four main dimensions.


Are you on good terms with spirituality? I wasn't, but I started connecting and finding anchoring once I clarified some concepts.

  • I used to oppose the Catholicism I was raised with, and amid my distrust, I dismissed my spirituality. Yuval N. Hariri changed my perspective when I read Homo Sapiens: "religion is a means to control, and spirituality is a means to evolve". That's when I started feeling curious and open-minded about defining my terms on being a conscious being.

  • Caroline Myss recently helped me as well. She says that when we distanced ourselves from religion, we lost the vocabulary for spirituality. It's not that we are not spiritual; it's just that we don't have the words. Once we acknowledge there is non-religious terminology for spirituality, it's interesting to connect and flow with our source energy.

I started dealing with the heaviness of my mind with my spirituality and started recognising the power of this dimension. I'm anchored in it as never before; all love stems from our consciousness. Home Within is a manifestation of self-love.

This also helped:

With its healing allure, Nature is a beautiful source of spirituality. We live surrounded by universal consciousness and can slow our minds and make time and space to synchronise with our natural world. Sometimes it is just fine for me to be and feel in nature without colouring my experience with a lot of mysticism.


I was taught to repress emotions so well: "I'm strong and fearless; I can achieve whatever I want because I know how to work hard and find my way amid adversity" Thus, I silenced any discomfort, repressed fear, and ate to appease my anxiety. Furthermore, I consumed and entertained myself to sweep my emotions, like dust, under the rug.

Emotions deserve time and space; we also need education to be kinder to ourselves. Being in an emotion is a source of information, uncomfortable sometimes, but experiencing it reveals to us who we are. When we process emotions appropriately, we liberate ourselves from our past.


Sitting in a chair most of the day influences how I think, feel and connect with my energy. Our body regulates chemical processes, and our biology needs movement for its physiological functions. Conversing with my dopamine was enough to understand that from time to time, I need to get up from my desk. My body is the carrier of my Home Within and plays a vital role in helping me regulate the entire system.

Sometimes, as Tony Robbins suggests, I can make my body do things my mind doesn't want to do. My body relates to my emotions in a way that my mind cannot; it helps me to act in challenging situations when my mind is inclined towards sabotage. Other times, also suggested by Robins, I'm surprised by how wisdom is in my body. I will expand on these ideas later; please bear with me.


We live and process information at a speed not designed for our cognitive capabilities. Ronald Giphart, professor of evolutionary psychology, argues that we are on a collision course between biology and culture. As I struggle with this, I choose my biology over culture. My work will be more valuable when my mind is sharp and less stimulated. My friends and family will still be there even when I'm not available 24/7 to the world.

I'm enjoying the space and time to process life inwardly, feeling I'm coherent with my values. Especially now that information revolves around curated versions of people: perfect, rich, beautiful, gifted and winning. Managing this toxicity requires distance.

In 2022 I did a lot of work learning to use my mind instead of letting my mind use me, as Eckhart Tolle suggests. I needed body, heart and soul to help moderate the complexity of all my mental processes. As I synchronised my system, I found it easier to be me; to flow better.

Home Within

According to Buddhism, suffering is inevitable. Nourishing our Home Within is about working with our system and developing greater resilience to live more comfortably.

It is not about setting and surpassing ambitious goals; that can happen afterwards. Home Within is, first and foremost, about finding balance in my life while understanding who I become with each step I take. Purpose and fulfilment make more sense when I see myself holistically.

Have a great day, and if you want to read more, sign up here.



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