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One Small Door Today

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Great goals don’t happen as a single event; they organically manifest through a compilation of tiny little endeavours. Life moves so fast that this is easy to forget. Yet, the way out of smallness is by exiting through the small doors. Millions of times if necessary. Thus, I loop back, reminding myself that my power relies on working at a granular level.


I began dreaming about designing (and writing) a book that felt bigger than me and thus decided to stop posting. I embraced the idea with pretentiousness, and now, humbled by an absence of results, I acknowledge finding myself swamped in a deluge of ideas in need of structure and consistency. I will resume my blogging, endeavouring to weave the bits and pieces that hint at the wordless draft floating in my imaginary. I’ll focus on getting the work done.

In a prior post, I shared an experience where I tapped into something profound in my Home Within—a sensation of preciousness and expansiveness. I am committed to honouring that glimpse of truth by writing about how I got there once I began exploring and taking action on my well-being.

Sharing personal content through blogging, however trivial, can be challenging. Nevertheless, my vulnerability, I’ve discovered, is made of steel. I will die satisfied, having explored and prototyped dimensions of SELF, and in the meantime, I’ll share content that might interest others. My dream book is about what it takes to “become” and escape the stalling and wishful thinking while fearfully observing life from a distance.

This blog is not for those who live oblivious or indifferent to their internal reality. If you, on the contrary, experience controversies in your SELF, you may connect with what I’ll be tapping into. I hope you enjoy it and find value in sorting out applicable content to your internal ecosystem.

I share my ideas not because I believe I can change anyone but because I’ve found value in all the research I’ve done. The more I explore, the more generic I feel. It’s not only that we share the same red blood. We are all equally vulnerable; what differentiates us is how we choose to feel and act on it. The power in discovering the illusions of the SELF is that one learns to perceive and empathise with the wide variety of illusions in others. We are mirrors to each other.

I write with a radical conviction that each one is responsible for who they are and accountable for how they adapt and change. We are programmed to look outside to solve everything. My greatest challenge is to be able to write about the nuances and subtleties that determine how reality is not unfolding outside but crafted inside and manifested outside. I will strive to express how I learned to shift my attention until I rewired my system and found a healthier reality for actionable adaptation and growth.

So, reason number one for continuing to write in this blog is to help me resolve my book and my “becoming”. Reason number two is about defying the reasons and judgements —internal and external— that attempt to make me small. Reason number three: I'm a nerd. And a designer. Life has put me in a place and circumstances where I can make time and space to explore my obsession with transcendentalism. I don't conform to all this bull**** that is messing up our sanity, and I will counterbalance with visceral honesty and pragmatism.

What is my edge? I live and cultivate solitude because that’s how I recharge my energy. In that solitude, I observe my Home Within and explore what it takes to defy all fears and nurture the best SELF. Note that I am a work in progress, and this is the talk of my walk. That’s why sometimes it gets hard.

Last year, a spiritual awakening found me and caught me off guard. I ventured into internal experiences that the wellness industry addresses superfluously, and I lacked a great deal of knowledge. I found myself navigating without clear guidance. As my Home Within expanded, I researched incessantly only to find pieces in a puzzle through a few diluted voices. “Awakening” is a solo experience where one can feel clueless and fearful, yet as more and more people experience it, it is essential to address its complexity.


Thank you for reading this far—I appreciate your time, considering how busy you must be. I’ll write with a mindful awareness of your precious time, synthesising concepts, referencing valuable topics and making my narrative applicable to your business and fatigue. I won't share a formula but a holistic approach using all I’ve found regarding wellbeing. Just so you know, while I draw inspiration from all fields of knowledge, I do so with a discerning eye, avoiding blind adherence to any particular individual or ideology.

I'm signing off now. I live a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde existence. Mornings are dedicated to writing, research, and learning, while afternoons see me delving into the New York stock options market for trading practice. The stock market, I'm concluding, is a giant living organism with a heartbeat, a nervous and digestive system with a 95% chance of ruining one’s finances. It’s a David against Goliath kind of thing. One must overcome fear and greed to synchronise with the market’s rhythms. It's an exhilarating, fast-paced experiment that is ideally challenging my Home Within. Take care!


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