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At Nantív—evocative of the word native—we believe the experience of every moment can be improved through great design and we're inspired by the natural and elegant gestures of women.


We focus on the intangibles that reflect your attitude, like how you wear your bag or how you sometimes use both hands to accomplish a task, yet still need to look comfortable and assertive. A handbag can’t weigh you down or affect your posture. Its design needs to flow with you.


We want you to feel sophisticated and stylishly confident with a bag that supports your needs. 



The perfect size for when you need to look elegant but feel compact. This mini-satchel will carry you through the day and fits a small makeup pouch, cell phone, wallet, car keys, and sunglasses.



Our most playful. Perfect for informal spontaneous events, this bucket fits all of your essentials perfectly.



Soft, yet structured enough to carry all your things comfortably, its elegant folds of leather add layers to your style.



Perfect for both work and play, the superior craftsmanship of the TÍV makes you look ele- gant even when your attitude is casual. This smart satchel fits most 13-inch laptops and can be worn as a crossbody bag.


Nantív is Made in Italy.


We work with the best resources meeting the highest specifications within international standards, from the initial choice of Italian leather—valuing the appearance, the touch and the naturalness of calfskin—to material hardware and final packaging.


With ongoing technological research, Italian tanneries of today consume less water, less energy and have substituted dangerous chemicals. They treat their wastewater efficiently and recover and recycle most of their organic waste. At Nantív we value these efforts, we are part of this important conversation and we will keep insisting on the need for innovation towards 100% sustainable products.  

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