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Observing life from the right place

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

The Metaverse sells us the dream of finding everything outside of us; we constantly collect and bring energy from the outside to our Home Within. But that's all smoke; we don't process but drift and linger in artificiality. It makes sense that we end up feeling unbalanced.

I began to experience life differently when I decided to adopt a mindset to work my life in three different dimensions. It is much easier to live our lives when we are grounded in our Home Within.

Home Within

It is us, as we were born into this world: body, heart, mind and soul in systemic harmony. Experiencing my HW allowed me to be grounded and fulfilled. I've found truth and coherence since I started paying attention to my system.


Habits and routines are our present moment. This is our field for discovery, where our Home Within expresses its nature. This is where any change in our life happens.


Our Story is T-kei in time, where we give colour and texture to everything we do. It's we maintaining our pasts alive and planning our goals and achievements in the future.


As culture feeds us dreams, we source happiness outside. We are led to believe that in the world we'll find success and joy. We clutter our T-kei with distractions and entertainment meanwhile we eliminate the possibility of our Home Within expressing itself.


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