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Adriana Gomez Navarro

Holistic Design & Wellbeing

It's about integrity, truth, and  WHY.


There are some stories worth living, and others worth leaving behind. 

—Home Within—

Body - Heart - Mind - Soul

Tune-in to your

full potential. Home... It lives in our minds, emotions, and human essence.

Spaces and Objects for Manifestation, Empathy, and Co-creation.

Design your space for: 

 Allowing Mode... 

Your story becomes your experience.  

I design while working on a story (yours) and the ecosystem that holds it.

Whether it's about a brand, furniture, conceptual pieces, interior spaces or people, I focus on human experiences. 

My purpose is about transcending and exploring where the foundation of fulfilment lies. I want people to flow and find joy. We need resilience and sustainable wellbeing for the complexity of our times; design is a tool that can help us achieve whatever we want.

I love travelling and researching wellbeing, sustainability and technology. Meanwhile, I'm an avid meditator.

After studying Industrial Design in Colombia, I pursued a Masters in Interior Design at Arizona State University in the United States. I've lived in five countries, and while moving every three years, I learned Home is, above all, within us. I currently live with my husband and two children in Switzerland.


I design for stories worth living, finding meaning as we experience life. 

Silver Watermelon Slices

Re-designing heirlooms: Helping Memories transcend through colour, shapes and materials.

Some heirlooms are NOT to be touched —transcending for what they are. But there are pieces we don't like, yet, we regard them dearly because of what they mean to us. Don't miss the chance to build upon beautiful emotions. 

Armadillo Chair 

The Armadillo chair was a collaborative process between Yecid Robayo —Homo Faber certified Master Artisan—, and me. 


I enjoyed designing a chair impossible to build and he enjoyed proving to me that he could actually do it.  We challenged ourselves, working with mind, heart, body, and soul.

Nantív bags 

Vint Bucket

Handbags Made in Italy. Relying on top Italian craftsmanship to produce beautiful leather bags. 


The experience of every moment can be improved through great design; we're inspired by the natural and elegant gestures of women.



- Hello - 

My work is an interpretation of people's values and dreams. I love designing places where people experience joy and wholeness.  As a Holistic Interior designer, I focus on well-being, encouraging good habits, energy, and flow while fostering meaningful relationships. 

Adriana worked as a client representative for a major home renovation. Her collaboration with our architecture and interior design departments was very effective, as Adriana was able to formulate the client's wishes, while fully understanding our architectural intentions."

Francesca Di Lascio
atelier zéro2 - Lausanne

Adriana is a pleasure to work with. She is a very talented designer who listens to her client’s objectives and drives to a result that reflects both her vision and the client’s. She is very hands-on, managing major components as well as details. I fully recommend Adriana for any size job."

Liliana  Brotchner

Residential Project

New York

How can you tell if something is great? Telling something is good, is easy, it gives you instant joy. However, great is something that gives you something for life. Adriana is great! Plain and simple. It provided me with insight, clear-cut methods to implement, but most importantly joy to work on myself. A must!

Andres Rico 

What's Your Story Workshop

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